We enroll students of various ethnic backgrounds who are bright, curious, motivated and show strong academic potential. Saint George Academy is committed to academic excellence and the spiritual and social development of every student.

Tuition for the 2016-2017 school year

  • Tuition: $15,000

Tuition is paid in ten equal monthly installments, and is due on the first of the month.
 In addition to tuition, every family is required to take part in two fundraising events each school year. The school offers discounts for families with more than one student in the Academy.

Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid are available. To learn more about Saint George Academy, or for information about scholarships and financial aid, contact our principal, Andrew Stasiw.

There is a one-time Registration Fee of $500. 12th Graders pay a $300 graduation fee in their Senior year.


Our distinguished faculty members are experienced educators with a variety of academic backgrounds and experiences from some of the best universities in the country.
 Every member of our staff is committed to helping students achieve their potential.

  • V. Rev. Emilian Dorosh, O.S.B.M
    (212) 674-1615
  • Andrew Stasiw
  • Irene Saviano
    School Office Manager
  • Stefanie Saviano
  • Nicole Giovenco
    Guidance Counselor

  • Faculty
  • Anna Bachynska
    Music Education/Chorus

  • Cesar Blacido
    Spanish, Physical Education

  • Zirka Derlycia, Ph.D.
    ESL, Ukrainian, English, Creative Writing

  • Kim Halverson, Ph.D.
    Mathematics A/B, SAT Math Prep, Pre Calculus 

  • Subdeacon Vitaliy Kit
    Theology/Religious Studies

  • Susan Nelson
    ESL, Study Skills, SAT Verbal Prep

  • Joseph Puliafito
    Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, Health, Computer Science/Technology

  • Samuel Ramierz
    English, American Literature, British Literature

  • Andrew Stasiw
    Critical Thinking

  • Elizabeth Szonyi
    US History, Global History, Government & Economics, Journalism, Economics & Remedial Writing